Telephone Scam Warning


South Wales Police urge all members of the public to be alert to a recent telephone scam that has started to become widely used Nationally and locally.

The Scam involves a person telephoning the victim claiming that they are a Police Officer and that there has been a suspicious transaction on their bank account.

They urge the victim to withdraw all the money from their accounts as they claim the bank accounts are not safe and to box them up for a courier to collect so that the Police can keep it safe for them.

They often give the telephone number ‘161’ to ring should the victim encounter any problems.

When the victim rings this number they are reassured that the officer is genuine.

A number of victims locally have become a victim of this type of crime and have lost substantial amounts of money. South Wales Police state that No officer will ever contact an individual asking them to withdraw money and send it them for safekeeping.

The Public are urged to be aware of this SCAM and not to respond but report the matter to South Wales Police using the Non Emergency No 101 or if somebody turns up at your door to ring the Emergency Number 999