Hot Tips for July

HS tips for July

1. Check Clematis for wilt.

2. Care for house plants while on holiday.

3. Keep tubs and new plants well watered.

4. Dead head bedding plants

5. Pick Courgettes before they become Marrows.

6. Treat Apple scab.

7. Clear algae and blanket weed from ponds.

8. Order catalogues for next years Spring flowering bulbs.

9. Give the lawn a Summer feed.

10. Harvest Apricots, Peaches and Nectarines

During the Summer most house plants benefit from being outside on the patio. It will save them from baking behind glass and lessen some pest and disease problems. House plants will need regular feeding during the growing season as with all plants. Damp down the greenhouse on hot days. Any old leaves or side shoots of Tomato plants need to be taken out of the greenhouse, as this can be a major cause of disease spread. Pelagonium and Fuchsia cuttings can be taken now and kept in the greenhouse.

Cuttings of Choisya and Hydrangea will take now. It's also time to prune Philadelphus and Weigela after flowering.

A long spell of dry weather can weaken the grass, so raise the cutter height on the mower. July is the last month a summer feed should be used. New grass will need extra watering. Most lawns will be covered in ants nests at this time of year. Just brush them off before you mow.

Trim back Dephiniums and Geraniums after the first flush of flowers to encourage new growth, and then feed. Blackspot on Roses can be prevalent at this time so treat straight away. Leaf cutter Bees like to alter the shape of your rose leaves in particular, but I'm assured by an expert that this is not a menace and it is kinder to live with it for the sake of the Bees.

Dyffryn Gardens, under the ownership of the National Trust, has come on in leaps and bounds and is a good day out. My only gripe is the price of their plants because, as good as they are, they are not worth the prices charged. It certainly is a good cause but they surely can't justify those prices.

Having talked about some of the better known gardeners in Wenvoe in the last issue. I would like to draw your attention to some other gems. For a garden with a difference, Mr Breese in Greave Close has a plot that needs closer inspection. If he's in the garden ask him about its history. He has objects from practically the beginning of time and it all blends in so well and is so interesting. Things are not always what they seem. Betty James does a brilliant job keeping her garden lovely to see, along with Frank Miller of Grange Close. It just goes to show that being over thirty is no hinderance to having a lovely garden. Opposite Frank is Rita and Rob's quite formal garden and it doesn't matter what time of year it is, it's always neat. Next to Rita is the famous Audrey, whose front garden is a picture with

the Roses in bloom. Brian & Sandra of Walston Road, have a cottage garden that would be on any gardeners list of must sees. If you like well looked after, neat and tidy then Mr & Mrs Lawrence of Gwenfo Drive have a garden that is worth a look. Roses are always lovely to see and if you want to see them at their very best then those belonging to Mr & Mrs Cottle of Gwenfo Drive are not to be missed.

Take care and happy gardening.