Community Orchard Visit


Most recently our afternoon group visited the Community Orchard. We walked over the foot bridge near to the Playgroup and on into Monkton house as I know it (some of you may know it as the tennis courts or football field) and down to the bottom into the Orchard. The children enjoyed investigating the area and I must say what a great area it is to visit with the Children and right on our doorstep.

The children found the pond most interesting and on return some children drew a picture of the pond and the green grass, however, I’m not so sure the pond was as blue as their pictures. We walked back to the Playgroup via the tunnel into Vennwood Close taking many photos along the way to display in our group.

Children of all ages will love the area I’m sure, so next time you are wondering what to do with the children for an hour or two, why not pop across the bridge and see it for yourselves. We hope to walk our morning members across soon.

We are always looking for new ways to support families with care for preschool children and as you are aware we now offer support to those children who attend Gwenfo Nursery. We most recently held a drop in session in May, which we did try to advertise in May What’s On, however, the article was lost in transit somehow, so apologies if you missed this.