September’s Events


September saw a quickening of the pace in activity in the church. People are so used to thinking that the church is only used on a Sunday that it may come as a surprise at the other times that services take place. During the month the Eucharist has been celebrated on 10 occasions, Evensong has been held on the first Sunday of the month. There has been 2 baptisms when three children were added to the Christian family, 2 funerals have arranged for the faithful departed, and 1 wedding celebrated. In addition we have had 2 sessions of “Open Door”, 1 meeting of the “brass cleaners”, The Parochial Church Council has met in church, The Scarecrow Festival was held in the churchyard. The Chattery met as usual in the Church hall on the 2nd Thursday of the month The church was decorated for the Harvest Festival, Lots of people involved with lots of “goings on” in the church proves that our lovely building is in constant demand during the week. It is for this reason that our building fund is so important to maintain the building in as good a condition as is possible, by drawing the community of Wenvoe into as many of our activities as they feel comfortable with. Sunday mornings are busy but there always room and a warm welcome for all who wish to join in the worship.

What a joy it was to welcome our “Pebbles” back after the Summer break. They bring such a buzz with them, and they enjoy sharing with the congregation the craft work they have been doing in the Church Hall. New mums and Dads have joined their children and they are most welcome and valued for the care and concern that have for their children to experience something a little different on a Sunday morning. We are very fortunate to have sincere Christian leaders to monitor the group’s activities while the children are in their care. They have been preparing a special something for our Harvest celebration, which has been very carefully kept under wraps until the morning service. We will not be disappointed.

The joint parish Magazine “Connection” is a very high quality print, a number of people have taken up the offer of paying for year in advance, which will help us to plan the quantity we need for the month. We still send many copies to the waste despite trying to include as much news of Wenvoe and St. Lythan’s as is possible. The content of the magazine is open to all, and contributions and ideas are always welcome, whether it is some where you have visited on holiday. Something you have read in another church magazine you may have had in a church you have visited. The Sub Editor in Wenvoe would be most pleased to receive it to forward it to Lynda in Sully, who compiles the magazine for the printer. The copies are always in church on the first Sunday of the month to collect or purchase.

The congregations of all three churches have been invited to Vote for your favourite hymn by October 15th . It would be good to know why the three you have chosen are your favourites, so if you would like

to, please give a reason. There will then be a special service where we will sing the top six hymns as voted for by you on Sunday 29th October at 6 pm at St John the Baptist Church in Sully. So the invitation is there to vote for your favourite hymn and come along see if it has made the top six

Tea Party at the Rectory in Wenvoe for the children and families of the Parishes of Sully and Wenvoe with St. Lythan’s.

Jon writes – On Sunday 17th September all the children and young people who have been prepared for Confirmation in the last three years were invited along with families who attend Pebbles at Wenvoe, and the Sunday School at Sully to come to a Tea Party at the Rectory. The table “groaned” with cakes and the rain held off so we were able to go outside and those who wished to played in the garden with footballs and giant Connect 4 and Noughts and Crosses. Thank you to everyone who came and contributed to a wonderful atmosphere throughout the afternoon.

Next “Messy Church” on Saturday 21st October at in the Community Centre, Wenvoe.

With every Blessing

Parry Edwards