Dewberrys Discovered


A stroll along the new cycleway and footpath on Port Road between Wenvoe and the Alps roundabout revealed some interesting plants lurking at the base of the hedgerow. Most surprising because it has not been recorded yet in the parish is Dewberry. Similar to the Blackberry but with some clear distinguishing features. The berries have a bluish waxy bloom to them and there are far fewer segments per fruit, a bit like a raspberry in this respect. The leaves are closer together than is the case with brambles and they tend to creep along the ground rather than throw up long prickly stems. They are known on Gower as 'monkey grabbers' as their low creeping habit means they are easier to miss until they have snared you around the ankles. On Gower and other dune systems you will often see people gathering the berries which some adore but others find bland and insipid. In Wiltshire it is known as the Token Blackberry. The leaves can also be used to make a tea