September Round Up



Following our annual break for the month of August,Leisure Group restarted on 6 th September when we played Bingo.

On the 13th Sept we were entertained by Dr Neville Evans, whose topic was "The street where I lived".He started his talk by saying it was from his boyhood up to the age of 13, and defined it by " Experience".

He was brought up in FforestFach, Swansea, on the road to Carmarthen.One of his interests was going to the Welfare hall, every Sunday, to watch his favourite cowboy and Indian films He then played the song "Home on the range" and we all joined in .

When he was a boy, he had always dreamt of driving a lorry, so when he was grown up, for one of his birthdays, his wife contacted John Raymond's, at Bridgend and arranged for him to have a ride down the A48 in one of their largest lorries and allowed him to have a go on their own private land .Dr Evans then played "I had a dream".He had realised his dream.

His first school was only across the road from where he lived .He always wanted to be an angel ,so when they we introduced to school rules,they were told that they should do a number 2 before attending school,but were allowed a number 1 halfway through morning lessons. As a small child he couldn't understand this as he was already on number 7.

He told us he liked the headmistress, but he thought Mrs Jones was the ugliest teacher he had ever seen.What little ones think!!

Our Deputy Chairlady Shirley thanked Dr Evans.for giving us an afternoon full of laughter.