June Meeting Report




Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators met on June 29 and items from the discussions included:

We have continued our efforts to encourage Residents of The Grange estate to become active in the Watch. In March letters about Neighbourhood Watch were delivered to the occupied homes in the estate and personal contact has been made where possible. These have resulted in 5 responses from residents, all of whom are concerned about safety in the estate but so far, no co-ordinators have come forward. We propose to contact the final homes when occupied and are prepared to contribute if any wider initiative occurs.

We are disappointed that the PCSO nominated for Wenvoe has changed so often recently and is rarely seen in the village. This appears to be a problem in other parts of the Vale and is not confined to us.

In conjunction with St John’s Ambulance, a scheme has been introduced in other parts of the country to train residents to become voluntary “First Responders” who could give simple first aid in an emergency until the ambulance service arrives. The Vale Neighbourhood Watch Committee intend introducing a similar system in the Vale and we wish to contribute. Training would be offered to Watch Co-ordinators.

Unsolicited fliers from rogue traders are being pushed through letterboxes in the Vale and they are usually put out for recycling immediately. However, an incident has occurred in the Vale where an elderly person replied to such a flier and eventually lost a large sum of money. The Vale are collecting evidence to enable prosecutions to be made. If Wenvoe Residents receive this type of flier would they please keep it and inform their Watch Co-ordinator who will pass it on to the Vale.

Concern was expressed about the safety of Residents using the Cardiff to Barry bus stop at the Beefeater (formerly the Walston Castle) roundabout. It is extremely difficult to safely cross the road to and from the bus stop. We were told that the Community Council had raised the matter with the Vale and action was expected.

Alan French