February Events Etc


At our A.G.M. held on the 18th Jan, thanks were given by Betty to all the committee for their support. The committee members were voted to be returned, with the exception of Viv, who resigned as vice treasurer and was replaced by Josie.

On the 25th Jan Mr Peter Finch, gave us a talk on Old Cardiff. It was interesting to hear about Crockherbtown, now Queen Street and Temperance Place, where no alcohol was allowed, now Central Square.

Heather Gregory, from the. Charity Shelter Cymru was our speaker on Feb 1st.We were totally unaware of the vast amount of work this charity does in fighting to keep a roof over the heads of those who have fallen on hard times, whether it be a job loss, partnership break up or I'll health.

Our next speaker on Feb 8th.was Mr Phil Carradice, who has many books to his credit. He spoke of his life, from not knowing, as a lad, what he wanted to be, he went on to become, head teacher, author, actor, poet, broadcaster with his own radio show.

We enjoyed a Fish and Chip lunch on Feb 15th followed by a few games of bingo

Our March programme starts on 1st with a social afternoon to celebrate St David’s Day. On March 8th, Annette Bracey will give us exercises, standing or sitting. This is followed on March 15th by a talk on the origins of nursery rhymes by Lilian Charles.

We have a return visit on March 22nd by Mr Chris Bleach with a talk on the Cardiff Gas, Light and. Coke Co ,and for our final March meeting on 29th, the children from Wenvoe Primary School will entertain us.

Yet another full programme for March, so ladies why not come along and enjoy a pleasant Wednesday afternoon.