February’s Books

Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter

by Tom Franklin

Smalltown Mississippi in the 1970s sets the scene for this story of an unlikely friendship between two young lads, Silas and Larry. They are from very different backgrounds of class and race, and neither of them fits in with the locals. They form a special bond; but this is tragically fractured when a local girl disappears without trace. Larry is suspected; but in the absence of any evidence or confession he is not charged. Instead he lives the life of a recluse, always under suspicion, whilst Silas becomes the local constable.

Then, decades later, there is another disappearance.

Some of the Page Turners were impressed with the plot, and the insights into poverty and racism of 70s Mississippi life. Others of us felt the story to be weak.

Tom Franklin’s style of prose gives a good feeling of place and does capture the sights and sounds, smells and heat of the deprived little town.

However we Page Turners could not agree about this book, and our scores ranged between 2 and 8 (averaging approximately 5).

Some of us do recommend it as a good easy read.