School News for March




There is a change to the usual writing of our school “Wenvoe What’s On” entry. Key Stage 2 pupils are in ‘Pupil Voice’ groups and the Communication Group have put their class news together.

Year 6 News has been compiled by Abbie Ringham and Lowri James.

This January, Year 6 have been learning about the Blitz and we have completed a lot of work about it. We went on an Evacuee Walk and Abbie’s nan (in Year 5) came in to tell us about her childhood memories of World War 2. We also went on a trip to Cardiff Museum with Year 5.

Year 5 News has been compiled Milly Jorna and Rhys Hill.

This term in Year 5 we have been learning about WW11. The Blitz and Anne Frank. We have been on a trip to Cardiff Story Museum. We also had an evacuee day where we dressed up and did activities. We went to St Mary’s Church and were put into groups to be ‘evacuated’. We did a class assembly about courage and Anne Frank, where some people readout prayers they had written. Later in the topic, Abbie’s nan came in to talk to us about her family being in WW11. We have now got a quiz for you:

Q1. Who was the Prime Minister at the start of World War 11?

Q2. Who were the 3 major countries who were axis powers?

Q3. In what Years did WW11 start and finish?

Q4. How did Adolf Hitler die?

The answers are below:

Year 4 News has been complied by Mali Robinson.

My name is Mali Robinson and I love reading and writing.

Mali has complied a quiz about their topic, Blood, Bones and Gory Bits!

Q1. How many bones do you have?

Q2. How big is a child’s heart?

Q3. How long is your oesophagus?

Q4. How many miles of blood vessels are in your brain?

The answers are below:

Year 3’s entry has been complied by Rosie Corcoran

On Saturday February 11th, Gwenfo Primary had a huge clean up, ready for Spring. Lots of pupils, teachers and carers came along to help. My mum and I cleared the leaves and weeded the Faith Garden. We then filled it with soil ready for the new plants. It was lovely that so many people came to help even though it was snowing! My favourite part of the day was Sian’s yummy bacon and sausage rolls!!! School is now ready for Spring.

Foundation Phase pupils have enjoyed learning about the orchestra and had a wonderful trip to St David’s Hall where they went to see an Orchestra Adventure. Ryan’s nan also came into Year 1 to talk to us about her cello. Years 1 and 2 have also enjoyed African drumming every Tuesday and have become quite accomplished!

Reception children enjoyed a pyjama party and fun was had by all!



Many thanks to all the friends, families and staff who got together at Gwenfô school on Saturday 11th February. There was a huge list of jobs from weeding and painting to building flat pack furniture. Over 50 people came to help and it was such a joy to see members of the community lending a hand. We plan another session later in the summer so if you think you could lend a hand please watch out for our next date in the newsletter!

Nicola Starke (Acting Head)




Nursery Admissions are open. Please see the Vale of Glamorgan website for nursery admission forms. Our lovely new nursery has spaces for pupils the term after their third birthday. We are delighted to be able to work with Wenvoe Playgroup to provide wraparound care. Please pop in for a visit. We'd love to welcome you into our school.

Nicola Starke (Acting Head)

Gwenfô Church in Wales Primary School



Year 4

1. 206
2. The same size as your fist.
3. 25cm
4. 100,000

Year 5

1. Neville Chamberlain
2. Germany, Japan and Italy
3. 1939 – 1945
4. Committed suicide