January’s Books



There was no set book this month so members had free rein, some more successful than others. The diverse choices ranged from:-

* The power of the dog by Thomas Savage ( a Vintage Classic ) – powerful.

* A Dictionary of Misunderstanding by Jackie Copleton. – Excellent

* Hons and Rebels by Jessica Mitford – Fascinating Autobiography

* Anna Karenina by Tolstoy – a Masterpiece

* Death of a Busybody by George Bellaris. (set in a small village!!!) – Typical goings on !!


All the above came highly recommended by the individual Page Turners.

There were however two books which were not favourably reviewed :

* The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton – why was this a Booker Prize Winner?

* The Fat chance Diet Book- A very light read

A stimulating evening was had discussing the merits and otherwise of all these books. So we are off to a good start for 2017.