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2016:- A Summary. Welcome to 2017!

Aexamst the beginning of January 2016, I sat my first Year 11 GCSE exams which let’s just say hadn’t exactly gone to plan. I was too worried about my failure to gain my sought after marks in January that it spooked me. For the first time in my life, I fully understood how much harder I needed to work. By April I had done my Grade 7 Acting LAMDA examination, earning myself a Merit in my penultimate grade. By my May birthday, my looming exams were finally upon me, the two years of course work finally leading up to the real things. I won’t lie – they terrified me. Honestly, at some points I’m surprised I didn’t go insane, yet quickly enough by late June I was done.

The rest of June and July came and went; a holiday and quality time with my family a staple for the summer. Late July and early August meant another holiday with cousins – which luckily went off without too many hitches (no one ended up in the hospital, so I’m counting it as a win!). Then came the day – Results Day. Even the name sounds intimidating, and I still have a few years left of suffering…

Yet I was okay. My exam results weren’t all what I was hoping for – yet there’s no way I could have complained. Passing all of my exams, with 2 A*s and 5 As to show for as just a few of my results was a highlight for sure. The worry was over and the delight at my GCSEs was able to fully sink in

September meant a new start – Sixth Form. As hard as it seems even now (I was unfortunately too overwhelmed for 4 subjects, deciding now that 3 A Levels would be more sensible for me) I’m glad I’ve embarked on the journey – you can see my English Literature and Language clearly come into play! ;P – it means the chance to study subjects I enjoy, and gain hopefully a place in a University studying subjects I also enjoy. You’ll hear me complaining non-stop about being tired and overworked (I just looked and it seems I may have 7 exams in the Summer…) but I feel I needed this experience to gain further insight into what I’d like to do – and where I’d like to do it.pubspeak

November meant a new role as part of a Public Speaking team through the medium of Welsh. Despite our surprise, we managed to make it to the South Wales final and were lucky to receive the chance to speak in a Cardiff Government building.

December came with its own challenges: being sole Editor of the School’s newspaper meant more overworked hours with the excitement of people not doing their work on time! *hint the sarcasm, people. Yet it came with its rewards; it meant a newfound respect, not necessarily from those in the school – I feel like the older students didn’t want to impair their ‘cool kid’ demeanour – but further for myself. I complained to hell and back, yet I surprised myself yet again with the amount of work I was willing to do – almost three months of no work over the summer makes you forget how hard you really did work – and also how much I cared. The first issue was finally released and I could go back to being the overworked student again rather than an extremely stressed editor for the rest of December. I received my certificates for my GCSEs and did my Grade 6 PAA Musical Theatre examination, filled with fear – and me having to sing a song all alone; ‘When You’re Good To Mama’ from Chicago nonetheless! Musical Theatre gained me a Distinction and Christmas and the New Year made me reflect on 2016.

Despite its universal issues, personally 2016 has been an eye-opener. It’s shown me that working hard really does get you further in the world. It’s also unfortunately taught me that I write far too much in essays… perhaps that will be my New Year’s resolution? But no, I don’t think it is.

I believe that maybe my New Year’s resolution is to take less for granted and to give myself more credit. I’m too easy to reconsider my achievements as flukes. I highly doubt I will turn into a narcissist within 2017, but perhaps a little more acknowledgement of what I can achieve may be the key to a happier Tirion this year.

Happy New Year to you all – whether you stick to your New Year’s resolutions or not, I hope you make the most of the year ahead.

Tirion Davies