Musings of A Political Teenager




Being 16 means that the ability to vote over the decisions made in our country is currently unavailable to me. It’s unfortunate that I was unable to voice my opinions in a more political way over the summer than simply conversing with those who’d voted in the Referendum. Yet I suppose there must be a reason why I am unable to vote at 16.voting02

Although I was unable to vote over the summer – and subsequently (though for continental reasons) the recent Presidential Election in America – it cannot stop me from having my own political stance. I have strong beliefs and given that I was unqualified to voice them, I could talk for hours to my peers about my beliefs and the outcome.

I wish I had been able to vote. I wish the UK had lowered the age as they had done in Scotland; yet I cannot ask for too much. I must instead accept the vote and understand that perhaps my vote wouldn’t have changed the outcome. I suppose I feel frustrated simply because I am unable to make any sort of difference. However, perhaps my having a personal political stance has made some difference – it means that by the time I will be able to vote, I might make the choices best suited to what I wish for my own future.

So, don’t despair youth of Wenvoe! Although we can’t vote, that doesn’t mean we can’t have our own opinions.

Therefore, for the meantime I’ll have to brush up on my political knowledge ready for my turn at the voting station.


By Tirion Davies