New Books for Nov – Dec



The Wenvoe Community Library

Contact us on   029 2059 4176

New Books Up to 16 Nov 2016



Christmas Cookbook – Jamie Oliver
Being a Dog – A Horowitz
Graveyard of Hesperides – L Davies
Dance of Death – E Marston
Night Music – J Connoly
Make your own Jumper – N Laforseca
R is for Russia – V Kabakov
In Vino Veritas – Peter Turnbull
Life Unstyled – Emily Henson


How loud can you burp? – Glenn Murphy
Robots and the whole Technology Story – Glenn Murphy
Ocean – Izzie Howell
Research on the Edge of Space – Angela Royston
Whizzy Science – Anna Claybourne
Handy Horse Projects – Isabel Thomas
Beauty and the Beast – Cari Meister
I Want to be a Brachiosaurus – Thomas Kingsley

Welsh language

Saith Selog – Enid Blyton
Yr Argae Haearn – Myrddin ap Dafydd
Supertaten – Sue Hendre & Paul Linnet

Green garden bags and blue recycling bags are available for purchase from the library