October Letters





On the 10th October I hosted a social and musical evening at my home for members of the Wenvoe ladies Choir. I wish to thank the ‘ladies’ for the deliciouis refreshments they all brought. Then the highlight of the evening was the lovely music that Dereck played on his harmonica. He is a talented musician. If anyone needs any entertainment for a Christmas function he may be contacted on 029 208 2171.

Pam Fairfax, Clos llanfair






Dear Readers I am hoping to start a book folding class in our Wenvoe library, I know a couple of people have shown interest in having a class. Having spoken to Alex yesterday he has agreed it is a good idea if that is what I would like to do. I am sure some of the library users has seen the couple of books that are on display and I promise it is much easier than it looks. So if anyone is interested could you please ring me on 029 2059 9765 or 07513 703213 or e mail cbjenks10@talktalk.net or see me in the library. I look forward to hearing from you.

Carol Jenkins. Grange Ave.



I was fascinated to read the Wenvoe wildlife group news and the plans to clear the undergrowth covering the old watercress beds. On the same day I read the article, I found myself reading the obituary of Captain Jenner of Wenvoe Castle in the South Wales Daily News (12th May 1883). In a long article the following was written. Captain Jenner,

“had a piece of water in his grounds known as the Goldsland Pools and this was well stocked with water cresses. Numbers of girls and women walked regularly from Cardiff to these pools where they gathered their water cresses for sale in the town. He has often seen them sitting on the bank resting after the fatigue of a six mile walk. He would then take them some bread and cheese and distribute it among them. As they were trespassers the police wanted to stop them, but he would never allow it, and gave strict instructions that they were not to be interfered with”.

I feel we are so fortunate to have such an active wildlife group in the parish and I for one appreciate all the work they undertake.




Congratulations to Hazel Crockford and her team of helpers who hosted a McMillan coffee morning at the Community Centre recently. We were treated to a wonderful selection of assorted cakes and we were really spoilt for choice. Well done everyone for your hard work and effort.

From the residents of Wenvoe who went along to support.