Progress Report


We having been running the Library since the beginning of September and so far, so good! We survived a failure in the computer network which left us disconnected from the Vale of Glamorgan's systems and operating on paper records for a few days but it was all taken in our stride. As in previous months I'd like to appeal for more volunteers to join our band, it's interesting, rewarding, and sociable come and talk to us in the Library.


As the volunteers have become more familiar with the book stock they have started to apply a White Dot sticky label to mark "dusty" books, "dusty" being a librarians' term for a book which has sat unread on the shelves for more than two years or so. In some instances it is easily evident why a book hasn't been read (unknown author, biography of very minor celebrity, etc etc etc). You can also see that the Vale's Library Service has bought in books in anticipation of an upsurge in interest in, say, the First World War, which hasn't translated into people borrowing books, but these are guesses made in advance and reflect the number of books being published in that genre. Some sections such as Teen Fiction, have a good stock of books but we have relatively few teenage readers, sadly. So, if you have a few moments in the library look out for our White Dotted Dusty Books, sometimes they are little gems.


You will have seen our new logo for the library, (or see above) which was chosen from a large number of submissions from Wenvoe Primary School; the winner was Georgia Iles. There were many interesting ideas drawn but Georgia's best encapsulated the sense of reading and community in the round, and provided the basis of an iconic image which can be used on electronic and printed material.