Friends of Wenvoe Library: Book Sales

books2On a very wet Saturday at the beginning of September we held our first Book Sale in the Community Centre. We raised over £300, which was fantastic, and sold several hundred books; every table in the Community Centre was used for the sale, just to give you an idea of the scale. Given the weather this was a great start and we are grateful to those who donated books as well as those who came and bought them. The free tea and biscuits were very popular and helped make it a good social occasion as well. Most people seemed to leave with half a dozen books under their arms, which was an excellent outcome.
Over 2,000 books were donated in the weeks prior to the sale and a good number were brought in on the day itself, not all of which could be sorted and put out for sale. Wenvoe readers love crime and passion (as if you didn't know) so a selection of those are now available for sale in the lobby of the library.
A second Book Sale is now being planned for Saturday December 3rd 0930-1200 in the Community Centre. We would hope to be able to offer books for sale as presents so are particularly looking for "read-once" books in good condition. You can bring donations to the library or leave your details if you need them collected.
The Friends of Wenvoe Library has been set up to raise funds for the library but it also aims to keep members informed of developments in the library and provide those running the library with a more direct form of contact. It is free to join the Friends, all we ask is that you leave your contact details at the library so we can get in touch.