A Flurry Of Activity


September saw a flurry of activity on the footpath leading to the sports field. Our youngest member, Martin, had been repeatedly stung by wasps while clearing bamboo in the community cemetery before we elders had risen. The impetuousness of youth was the main cause, we of an older generation decided.


Of course, we have other members who worry us, like big John who has been missing in action before. So, when he arrived a tad late this time we were worried, but he said his dog had got other ideas about spending time outdoors and took John for a walk. Gareth’s enthusiasm had to be quelled or we would still be there now. Stalwarts Alan, Brian, Ian and the ageless Ieuan always give it their all and the footpath is all the better for it.

Our next meeting will be at the village green on Monday 11th October at 9.30am.