September Letters


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I would like to thank family and friends for the many cards and flowers I received following Malcolm’s sudden death on 7th July their thoughts and messages were a great comfort.

A special thanks to our neighbours in Gwenfo Drive who have been a great support to us both since Malcolm’s stroke in 2017 and especially to me these past weeks.

Thanks also to Rev. Jon Ormrod for the caring way in which he conducted the funeral service at the Vale Crematorium on July 26th.

Mary Lucas


Wenvoe War Memorial

The news that the war memorial is now a listed structure, has prompted research into the backgrounds of the names of the men who are inscribed on the monolith.

Are there any living descendants of the families of these men in Wenvoe today.

Also from WW2 Peter Hughes is commemorated, is there any information regarding this man.

This information is being compiled by and will eventually be available at the war memorial by means of a QR code accessible by smart phones.

If you are able to help contact please on

Parry Edwards


Request For Used Stamps

I would like to thank everyone for the magnificent response to my request for used stamps to send to the Donkey Sanctuary. I have been able to thank most people personally but yesterday (July 10th) I received another carrier bag of stamps which was handed to my grandson and I was unfortunately unable to speak to her. A big thank you to her, and everyone. Please continue to save these stamps to help this charity.

Margaret George Settlers, Grange Avenue