Sow wallflower seeds in the next few weeks ready for a display next spring. Wallflowers germinate readily if sown thinly into shallow drills in a wellprepared seed bed. Make sure the soil is moist just below the surface. You can expect the seedlings to show in a few weeks. If necessary irrigate the ground afterwards, taking care not to disturb […]

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Planting Out

All tender plants are at risk from frost until the end of April/ May and need to have protection in a greenhouse or conservatory so if you buy plants over the next few weeks, make sure they are fully hardy before risking them outside. Long-term, hardy shrubs or trees should be fine for planting outdoors now, even if they are […]

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March 2016

Recently I was attracted by a bay tree in a large container outside the entrance of a hotel. From a distance it seemed in very good condition but on closer examination there were signs that it was becoming pot bound. There was a pool of rainwater standing on the surface, a sure sign of inadequate drainage. Bay needs good drainage […]

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