Citizen Science

Citizen Science is a phrase that we hear more and more often these days. As they say, there is nothing new under the sun and in many ways this is simply a return to times past when there were no field ecologists, Wildlife Trusts or Biodiversity Action Plans and most wildlife observing and recording was done by amateur enthusiasts. So […]

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It has been a pretty good year for Bluebells and we are well blessed in the parish for the number of woods that are carpeted with them. With over half of the world's population of Bluebells being in the UK it is vital that we look after them but they are under threat from a number of directions. In the […]

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The Marble Gall

Quite common on Oak Trees in and around Wenvoe is the gall shown in the photo known as the Marble Gall. It can be found on the Community Orchard, the Welsh Orchard and the Upper Orchid Field. It is often confused with the Oak Apple but these are uncommon in this part of the world. The marble gall is caused […]

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