Planning Updates June 2022

Planning Updates June 2022

Planning Updates

The following applications have been approved

  • 27, Burdons Close. Construct single storey orangery rear extension.
  • 17, Old Port Road. Replacement of conservatory with oak framed extension, extending existing lean-to entrance lobby.
  • 9, Goldsland Walk. Conversion of existing integral single garage into a living space.
  • Dyffryn Gardens. Repairs to flat roofs to prevent water ingress. National Trust.
  • 9, Walston Road. Extension to the existing property on one side of the house. The owner has agreed to render the walls and paint the windows to match existing windows.


The work to trees covered by Tree Preservation Order at 7, Tarrws Close has been refused. It was considered there is insufficient justification to allow the works to the mature Horse Chestnut trees, given the high amenity value the trees continue to have.

The wording on the signage to the library on Old Port Road requires updating now the building is known as The Hub. The Council is to approach the Vale with their proposal and seek additional directional signage off Walston Road.

The arrangements for the opening of The Hub and the forthcoming Queen’s Jubilee celebrations were confirmed. The installation of the toposcope, commissioned to mark this occasion, is expected to be installed on the Quarryman’s mound at Twyn-yr-Odyn before the end of May.

A new council clerk has been appointed and will be available in her office on Tuesday to Thursday by appointment.

The present council has five vacancies and applicants wishing to be considered for adoption should apply before the 14th June.  ( See advert)

The successful applicants will serve for the next 5 years



Planning Updates May 2022

Planning Updates May 2022

.Planning Updates

The following applications have been approved

  • Glenburnie, Port Road Development of a Care Home and associated works, Discharge of Condition 3 (Materials Details).
  • 60, Burdons Close. Work to Tree(s) covered by Tree Preservation Order

Cae Hafan Fields, Adjacent to A4050, Wenvoe. A planning application to erect a wooden shed for agricultural storage purposes has been refused. The proposed shed was not considered to be justified as reasonably necessary for the purposes of agriculture within the unit and is not considered to be permitted development

Council members have met with the new police officers for the area and raised local issues with them. With new appointments it is anticipated that they will have a greater presence in the area in the future. They do encourage the reporting of all local incidences to the police as this influences the amount of coverage the area receives.

Posters, which have continued to appear for over 18 months, seeking Flash the missing dog are still being discovered with razor blades attached to injure anybody attempting to remove them. The Walston Road dog owner has been visited by the police who continue to take an interest in the case.

With no outstanding 106 payments for the library building the Vale is investigating the proposed projects for the remaining available funds. These include outdoor gym equipment, the update of the Station Road tennis courts as a multi-use area and additional equipment for the Heol Collen play area.

The council have agreed to permanently mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with the erecting of a toposcope located on the mound at Twyn-yr-Odyn. The purchase of bunting, flags and lamp post decorations was confirmed. (see page 9 for a list of activities planned to mark the occasion)

Investigation has started on the hardware and installation of an audio system to allow the public and any housebound councillors to participate in council meetings from remote locations. This is one of the new requirements the Welsh Goverment require local councils to provide.

The management of the Wenvoe library is no longer a service delivered by the Vale but is provided by a team of local volunteers. The Council has provided and maintains a building for this activity to take place along with the recent provision of a coffee facility requested by the public. The councillors discussed the subject of the rent charged for their exclusive use of the structure. The library management committee would like it provided rent free, while most councillors feel there is no precedence for such action while all other volunteer led village groups pay rent to use council buildings to run the community services they provide. Due to the rebuilding works, re-establishing a library facility and Covid restrictions the rent has been forgone for the last couple of years.

The official opening of the new library building is planned for Saturday 21st May. (See front cover). Work on the redesigned patio area is hoped to start soon. The Vale is to be approached about the provision of new location street signs.

Investigations continue for a company to repair/replace the windows in the Community Centre that can meet the latest building requirements and are suitable for the building which is in a conservation area.

The appointment of a Clerk to the Council has not materialised. The council is seeking new applicants for the post. If interestewenvoecc@googlemail.comd please contact the chairman, Rhian Sexton 2059 3522 or e-mail

The April meeting was the last meeting of the present council which due to Covid, has been in office for the past six years. For various reasons many of the councillors are not standing again and only a few persons are seeking office. The new council, when formed, will be seeking to co-opt interested persons to fill any vacancies. The chairman thanked the present councillors for their service to the community and made a presentation to Cllr Harvey and Cllr Moody for the very many years of service they have provided.



Planning Updates March 2022


Planning Updates March 2022

Planning Updates

The following applications have been approved:

  • Station Road Playing Fields, Station Road East. Erection of a permanent netted cricket ball stop fence 10m x 30m.
  • Goldsland Farm (LAW). Use of enclosed curtilage as garden area of farmhouse.
  • Goldsland Farm. Outbuilding for private gym and summer house.


The hedge adjoining the Community Centre car park has been cut by the adjoining householder to expose the line of the footpath. The Council will maintain the remainder of the hedge which is across their land in future and tidy up the present visual impact.

Update of some of the celebrations being arranged to mark the Platinum Jubilee were discussed. Street party organisers are reminded that they need to complete an application form to close a road obtainable from the Vale Council The Council is looking to plant Jubilee roses and erect a toposcope as a permanent marker of the occasion.

The Welsh government’s Community and Town Councils statutory guidance implications for the Council were discussed. This directive includes measures to encourage greater public participation in local matters and will require all meetings to be streamed in future. There are also requirements to publish more material and training requirements for councillors and staff.

It has been agreed that the patio area outside The Hub should be relocated to the south side of the library building at ground level and the present path widened to accommodate chairs and tables. Investigations of cost etc are being investigated.

Maintenance of the Community Building. The Council has appointed a consultant to investigate the repair to the windows, many of which are over 100 years old. The building is in the village conservation area and hence there will be restrictions on repairs/replacements. Work will probably involve the removal of the windows, stripping and replacement of any decaying areas and reglazing where required so that hopefully they will be good for another 100 years.

Confirmation has been received that polling stations for the forthcoming elections will be the Community Centre and mobile stations located in the Beech Tree car park.

Having erected the new notice boards at the two new housing sites, the replacement of a notice board for Dyffryn needs to be considered.

The Council was informed of a serious escalation of the lost dog posters which continue appearing around the village and local countryside. Razor blades are being embedded in the sides of the notices in the hope of deterring their removal. Anybody coming across any such notices should report it to the police before a serious injury is suffered by a member of the public.

The Council are seeking a new Clerk to the Council(see page 5). The present incumbent is taking up full time employment



Planning Updates March 2022

Planning Updates March 2022

Planning Permission

  • Whitegate, Old Port Road. Proposed two storey rear extension has been approved with conditions.


The following applications have been refused planning permission.

  • Vishwell Farmhouse, St. Andrews Road. Dormer addition. Extension on top of single storey aspect on rear. New addition of three door garage with annex addition for office and bathroom space. The scale and design of the dormer was considered disproportionately large in relation to the dwelling. The siting of the garage would impact the open setting of the area
  • Land adjacent to Station Terrace, Station Road East. Proposed construction of Berm house was refused once again on its location, TPO protected trees, failure to fully appraise the biodiversity of the site, failure to make a contribution to off site affordable housing, failure to address the fact of a water main crossing the site.


Other Items

The Council were shown the design for the new traffic light controlled crossing of Port Road near the Walston Castle Beefeater Restaurant. This will give the long sought after safe crossing for the public and cyclists.

The Council have discussed with their neighbour about the overgrown hedge alongside the car park which is encroaching on the footpath. A reduction in the growth has been promised.

The recommendations of the finance committee were accepted. Charges for the hire of the Community Centre and burial fees will remain unaltered except that regular and irregular local hirer of the hall will be charged the same rate.

The 106 funding for the library costs were agreed to be signed off. This will release the remaining 106 monies for other projects. Any new costs associated with the library will be borne by the Council.

Celebrations for the Queen’s Jubilee were discussed. A site for planting 7 trees, one for each decade, has not yet been agreed. A suggested development of the unused area grass adjacent to the ramp into the park for Jubilee roses and other plants was supported. The idea of a toposcope is now to be designed. Other plans by local groups are being discussed.

Anti-vandal paint has now been applied to all access points to the roofs of the Community Centre and library, warning notices have been posted. Anti-vandal paint is a thick non-drying oily based coating to deter intruders by making surfaces virtually unclimbable whilst making hands and staining clothing.

Proposals to make changes to the footpaths in the area of Whitehall Farm have been drawn up by the Vale’s public rights of way section and will be presented before the end of February. If accepted, the proposals will be subject to public consultation before any changes are made. The Council have expressed their opposition to the proposal to change the status of the footpath 56 between Walston Road and Whitehall Farm, alongside the quarry, to a bridleway.

Work on installing the new benches around the area has commenced. It is anticipated that the outstanding notice boards at St Lythans Park and Station Road will be erected shortly



Planning Updates February 2022


Planning Updates February 2022



. Planning Permission

The following applications have been granted planning permission.

  • 20, Tarrws Close. Build one bedroom with ensuite over existing garage, with extended balcony, on side elevation.
  • 1, Stone House, Dyffryn. Two storey side extension with Juliette balcony. Re-configuring of roof to existing rear extension complete with canopy. New entrance location complete with porch. Existing external finishes upgraded, changes to fenestration.
  • Great Hamston Farm, Dyffryn. Replacement garden room with associated works.

Tree Surgery

An application to thin and crown reduce a sycamore tree covered by a TPO located in the front garden of 29, Vennwood Close was refused. The opinion of the Local Planning Authority was that there was insufficient justification to allow the works given the high amenity value the tree continues to have within the residential area.

Crime Figures

There was no police attendance at the meeting due to other commitments; the monthly crime figures were presented. It was reported that the Community Police Officer has spoken to the parents of the youths causing a nuisance in the area and it is hoped there shouldn’t be any further trouble.

Local Precept

The Councillors agreed a 2% increase to the local precept for the forthcoming year.

Library benches

There are still some outstanding minor matters to resolve. Training of the Hub volunteers on the use of the coffee machine should be completed to permit the public to purchase drinks by the start of February. Wording and ordering of signage to complete before the formal opening in early March.


The installation of the new and replacement benches is expected to commence by the end of the month along with the additional two notice boards. It was agreed the Redrow notice board is slightly high.

Telephone Boxes

The proposed idea of taking control of the telephone box on the village green has been rejected by the authorities. This is a listed box and is still a working facility.

Queen’s Jubilee

Ideas for celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee requires a planning committee to progress any community celebrations. All local groups will be contacted for ideas. To mark the occasion the possibility of installing a toposcope at Twyn-yr-Odyn will be investigated.

Community Centre 

With the recent damage to the Community Centre and library, the Council is to examine the feasibility of installing a CCTV system to protect the properties.

Waste Bin

The waste bin at the Orchid Field has had to be removed as there is no longer an emptying service. A waste bin is available at the top end of Walston Road at the start of the footpath to the field.

Local Government and Elections

A sub-committee has been formed to examine the implications to the Community Council of the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act. The act requires multi-location meetings, greater public participation at council meetings, publication of annual reports and training plans etc



Planning Updates November


Planning Updates November


Planning Permission

The following applications have been granted planning permission.

Wenvoe Community Centre, Old Port Road. Removal of Conifer tree due to damaging of wall and associated health and safety concerns.

Canoldir, St. Lythans Road, Dyffryn. Proposed rear garden orangery and glazed canopies

New library

The building is now complete and the furniture and books are expected to return from their storage during the last week of October. Following the installation of the IT equipment the library is expected to open its doors for business during November. A formal opening of the new building is being planned for March.

Community Centre

The tree causing the front wall of the Community Centre to bulge has been removed and the reconstruction of the damaged area is planned to start in early November

New Notice boards

New notice boards for ‘The Grange’ and ‘St Lythans’ estates and St Andrews road have been purchased and will be installed shortly when logo and lettering is complete


A survey of the stability of headstones in the cemetery has been completed. Six memorials are recommended to be monitored; the owners of the stones will be contacted

Community Benches

Following a survey of present community benches and suggested new locations, the Council has purchased a number of recycled plastic benches. The contractor will be installing the new seating in the near future.

Community Facilities

The Vale is conducting a public survey seeking ideas to improve community facilities and/or open spaces using the balance of 106 available money. The Council has suggested the installation of a ‘half MUGA’ as a teenager facility. See the article here:-

Grange open space uses

Remembrance Day

Arrangements are complete for the forthcoming Remembrance Day service at the war memorial on Sunday 14th November.

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The Council are seeking ideas for the celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The national celebrations are planned to be held at the start of June along with an extended public holiday. At past celebrations of the Queen’s reign there has been a ‘Big Community Lunch’, Street Parties, beacon lighting, etc. The Council has marked these occasions with an archway and a special gate. Now the Council is very interested to hear your ideas.


Following the installation of the two new defibrillators at Brooklands Terrace and Twyn-yr-Odyn it was suggested that a local first response first aid course and demonstration of a defibrillator use is held for all in the community in the Spring



Planning Updates September

Planning Updates September

Planning Permission

The following applications have been granted planning permission.

  • Wenvoe Community Centre, Old Port Road. Removal of Conifer tree due to damaging of wall and associated health and safety concerns.
  • Enfield Cottage, 22, Old Port Road, Wenvoe. Insertion of two new window openings at first floor level in North elevation.
  • 46, Heol Collen, Culverhouse Cross. Rear single storey extension.
  • Glenburnie, Port Road. Development of a Care Home and associated works. Discharge of planning conditions 5, 7 and 15.

New library

The old library has been demolished and removed. The new building is now on site and the work is progressing well. By the time you read this, landscaping should be complete, and most of the internal fitout as well. Flooring will be finished during the first week of October, leaving only commissioning and testing of lighting, plumbing, data, alarms and air conditioning. Then the library group can start moving in! A sub-committee has been formed to plan an opening ceremony.

Public Benches

Following a report which examined the condition of all 24 public benches, excluding those located on the Wildlife Group’s maintained areas, the Council have purchased eight new benches for the community and installation is being arranged. These are for locations suggested following the public consultation and any replacements where required.

Audio Equipment

The hall has been examined for the installation of improved audio equipment and the fitting of acoustic panels to the ceiling. Quotes are awaited.

Village War Memorial is a group that produces historical information about buildings and locations around Wales. They are collating information regarding the village war memorial and people living in Wenvoe. Once the work is complete a QR code will be produced and located near the memorial. The council agreed to support the a Royal British Legion this year by purchasing a ‘Tommy’ figure to be located near the war memorial.

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

2nd June 2022 is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Council is seeking volunteers to organise a suitable celebration for the community. If you wish to volunteer or have ideas for the event please contact the clerk (see page 2)


A demonstration was held at Brooklands Terrace to explain the use of a defibrillator. A further machine has been installed at Twyn-yr-Odyn on the Horse and Jockey building. A local display will be arranged on the use of the machine. Anybody interested in attending, please contact the clerk.

Conifer Tree Roots

During rebuilding of the Old School House wall it was noted that a section of the Community Council wall was bulging. This was due to a conifer tree roots. Permission for its removal has now been granted (trees in a conservation area require permission before they are felled or trimmed). The defective area will now be repaired.

Hand Rails

Hand rails for the steps from Tarrws Close to the Grange Park – planned to be installed in September.

New Burial Ground

A cemetery sub group have met and are looking at a number of suggested locations for a possible new burial ground



Planning Updates September

Planning Updates September

The following applications have been granted planning permission.

St. Marys Church, Old Port Road. Work to Tree in Wenvoe Conservation Area: Laurel tree to be trimmed to prevent it from hanging over Walston Road

Wenvoe Library, Old Port Road. Work to Tree(s) in Wenvoe Conservation Area: To remove part of multi stem field Maple.

Wenvoe Manor, Port Road. Work to trees covered by Tree Preservation Order 1954, No. 04 – Fell Field Maple (T2) and fell Ash (G2 – x12)

The following application has been withdrawn.:-Goldsland Farm, Wenvoe. Outbuilding – Private gym and Summer house

Application refused – Land adjacent to Station Terrace, Station Road East, Wenvoe. Proposed construction of Berm house. Reasons included ‘occupiers of this dwelling would likely be highly reliant on the private car. Consequently, the development would not support the principle of locating new residential development in sustainable locations, where occupiers have genuine choice of travel modes.’ ‘The proposed development is considered to cause unacceptable harm to TPO no.1’ and ‘the proposed development fails to appraise the biodiversity interests at this site.’ and ‘The proposal fails to make the required financial contribution to off-site affordable housing in the area’.

New library As preparation for demolishing the old library, a survey was carried out, which found that there is asbestos in the building. This is no cause for concern as long as it was not disturbed. Demolition procedures require the removal of the asbestos under special safety precautions. Unfortunately this has delayed the start of the project.

The new start date will be 26th August, with a planned completion 11th October. Unfortunately, this means that the car park will not be available for school parent use until the completion date, although we shall do everything to improve on that date.

The Community Clerk can be reached during office hours Tue – Thur 9am to 1pm and Mon & Fri 2pm to 5pm contact 02920591139 or e-mail Wenvoecc@ Please note, if you wish to visit the clerk it is strictly by appointment only



Planning Updates June

Planning Updates August

The following applications have been granted planning permission.

  • Station House, 1, Station Terrace, Demolition of existing garage, single storey extensions to side and rear. Conversion of attic space with dormer to rear
  • 10, Is Y Coed, Wenvoe. Demolish existing conservatory and replace with single storey extension with fully insulated roof.



Planning Updates July

Planning Updates June

All the following applications have been granted planning permission.

  • 5, Burdons Close. Single storey side extension.
  • 67, Burdons Close. Loft conversion incorporating new dormer window to rear and a number of rooflights
  • Brackendene, Burdonshill Lane. Proposed Glamping site on part of Brackendene, Burdonshill Wenvoe. Numerous conditions are imposed on the granting of permission including measures to protect local residents from possible nuisance.
  • Oaktree Farm, Morfa Lane. Removal of condition 4 of permission 84/00827/OUT that requires that the occupation of the dwelling shall be limited to a person solely or mainly employed, or last employed in the locality in agriculture or forestry.
  • 9, Grange Close. Change of use from garage to home office, incorporating material alterations.
  • 6, Heol Collen. Extension of existing garage to provide home office
  • 11, Picca Close. Construction of orangery to the rear of the property bringing the ground floor in line with family room of the property.


Planning permission was refused for the application by Enfield Cottage, 22, Old Port Road, Wenvoe. Demolition of existing porch and construction of two-storey extension to provide hallway, en-suite bathroom and cloakroom facilities. The reason for refusal was ‘the proposed extension would remove much of the character of the original rear elevation and roof slope of the house and subsume the rear of the original building. The extension is therefore considered to detract from the character and appearance of Enfield Cottage, which is a Positive Building in the Conservation Area’.

The Community Centre is available for hire with Covid-19 restrictions in force. An inspection of the disabled toilet facilities will result in updates being required. All surfaces are white at present which can make the use of the facilities by persons with impaired vision difficult. The taps, hand basins and hot water supply all require replacing.

Construction work on the new library will commence at the end of July, it is expected that the Community Centre car park will be out of use for a couple of weeks during the process. The through access for pedestrians will be maintained.

A new tarmacked footpath from the play area in the Grange to Tarrws Close is complete. A handrail has been requested to be installed on the steps.

A defibrillator is now installed on the wall of 18 Brooklands Terrace. A training session will be organised shortly for any person wishing to see how these machines are used. Anybody having a need to use a defibrillator is talked through the process by the apparatus which will only permit one to shock the patient when correctly fitted and no heart activity detected.

At the Station Road cricket ground the fencing height to the adjoining property has been raised, a decision on use of the ground is awaited. The Vale have been requested to cut the footpath, between the playing field and the village, which is becoming overgrown.

A new allotment gate with a foot passenger access is being considered. The main section of the gate would then be locked and use only permitted by allotment holders. This is to prevent fly tipping.

With the increase walking that people are doing these days a need has been recogniosed for additional benches in some areas in the community. There are numerious benches at present but they are not always where required. There are none in the new St Lythans Park estate, only one at Parc y Gwenfo, none at the quarry entrance area in the village. The council would be interested to hear of your suggestions for new locations for resting areas.



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