Happy New Year

2009 Happy New Year New Year traditions and celebrations vary enormously across the globe. This is perfectly illustrated by countries in Asia. China and India for example are among many countries who celebrate New Year on dates other than January 1, which has been widely used since the official adoption of the Gregorian calendar from 1582. As in the other […]

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  FRAUD ADVICE We have had a number of complaints in relation to bogus charity collectors cold calling at resident’s homes in The Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff. In some cases, fraudsters have used the name, logo and charity registration number of a genuine charity to appeal for donations and keep the profits. If you are cold called by a […]

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SUDDEN SINKING   At sea things can go wrong very quickly, as Barry Dock and Penarth lifeboat crews found out on 12th June Kath Fisher couldn’t sleep. Tossing and turning, she thought: ‘Is this an omen that something’s about to happen?’. At 1.15am her lifeboat pager went off. Volunteers all around Penarth and Barry Dock shook themselves awake and headed […]

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