Village Hall Volunteers


Over a period of a couple of weeks in lockdown, youngsters playing football in the carpark of the village hall caused damage to the central heating overflow pipe, guttering and two outside lights Unfortunately the broken glass, found when the playgroup arrived, had to be swept up before the children could be allowed in.

The hall was painted last summer to create a warm welcome to groups returning to use the facilities. The walls have now had to be washed because of footballs being kicked up against them. Our cleaner generously did this, without being asked.

The Covid situation means we have been unable too pen so there is no money coming in except from playgroup. The cost of the repairs and the possibility of having to install CCTV is a concern to us.

There is a sign in the carpark saying ‘No football’. The boys have been asked on a number of occasions not to play in the car park but have just ignored us. The police have been informed of the damage caused and are looking into it.

The hall is there for all in the village to enjoy and residents are very supportive of this facility. So we are asking the parents of these youngsters to help us by informing them to please not play football in the village hall carpark. Thank you.