Dazzling Intense Sunshine


Dazzling intense sunshine, glittering sand tranquil sea: these are not phrases normally associated with the Carers Walk at Barry Island at the end of November. Fortunately, this is what the group were lucky enough to experience as we set off around Nell’s Point to Jackson’s Bay. The cloudless skies meant the views across the channel made the English coast appear to be in touching distance..or swimming distance! As we enjoyed the picture perfect scene of Whitmore Bay a familiar voice called out to us….Helen had been waiting at what she believed was the starting point for the walk, at Barry Station. When nobody turned up she decided to drive to Barry Island anyway and luckily found us as we strolled leisurely towards the beach!

If anyone would like to join our friendly group, we meet at Barry Island Station at 10:30 on the last Thursday of every month.