Thanks for Making My Travels Easy

Thanks for Making My Travels Easy


As someone who has spent many happy hours walking the footpaths around Wenvoe during lockdown I would like to thank the people who make my travels easy:

The walk leaders of Wenvoe Walkers who have shown so many of us the local routes around the village and made it possible for us to explore by ourselves once the social distancing rules were introduced.

Valeways and their volunteers, who have maintained the signage and stiles, and those who join in ‘Walk and Clear’ making sure the paths remain open.

Wildlife group for creating and maintaining the Orchid field and orchards.

Our local farmers and landowners who provide access to their land and even through these difficult times have smiled and waved if we pass one another.

Wenvoe Golf Club who were happy for us to wander freely across their land while the course was shut.

Thank you all for helping me and the residents of Wenvoe to explore safely.

Annie Bennett