Virus Tracing Scams


How to tell if a contact tracing text is real

NHS Test and Trace might text or call you to warn you if you’ve recently been in contact with some-one who tests positive for the virus.

You can tell if it’s genuine if it includes a unique ID number. This ID number should allow you to log into the official Test and Trace website.

Instead of following any links included in the text, go to the website from your web browser and enter the ID number you’ve been given.

You could also check whether the text came from the only number dedicated to the NHS tracing service, which is 0300 013 5000. However, there are concerns it could be affected by number spoofing.

No other messaging services are being used to contact people. If you get a message like this on WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook, for example, you can be sure it’s fake.

Fake NHS texts: how you can tell the difference

Be cautious and report suspicious messages

If you do receive a suspect Test and Trace message, report it to Action Fraud. The National Cyber Security Centre is also encouraging reporting phishing attempts to

Scammers are taking advantage of the pandemic in any way they can to try and steal information and money.

Be generally suspicious of any unusual or unexpected messages that ask for personal information about you or your friends and family

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