Concentrating On Our Book Stock

Concentrating On Our Book Stock

In the following months we shall be using this page to review varying facets of our library provision. This month concentrates on our BOOK STOCK which is a key asset and plays a major role in our service.

The Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 states that libraries should provide ‘a comprehensive and efficient library service for all persons desiring to make use thereof’. One of the cornerstones of a library is having a well organised and suitable book stock. To this end we are regularly liaising with the Vale Council section who are responsible for ordering our books.

Our aims are to maintain and develop an attractive book stock.

FICTION: New titles, classic and perennially popular titles. Factors to consider are performance of titles by the same author, series of books for consistency, and influence of the media

NON-FICTION: Popularity of the subject, how specialist is the material and the quality of the book

CHILDREN: A balance of familiar, comforting books as well as books to challenge, excite and delight children.

TEENAGERS: Well-known authors, particularly series, and up-to-the-minute games.


  • We are in contact with the Vale to provide us with some statistical analysis of our book stock
  • How we think of a book is subjective; in book clubs a novel will receive a score of 9/10 from one reader and 2/10 from another
  • Our plea is to have some extra input, some male and teenage voices would be much appreciated
  • Please call into the library or send us an email. We would really value your suggestions.


Iain Pate “A Journey in Flavours”

Many thanks to Iain who gave us a comical and entertaining talk on his experiences in the flavours industry. We can look forward to yet another of Iain’s amusing talks later on in the year, when he reveals his relationship to Catherine Cookson through his infamous great grandfather.

Christmas Raffle. Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket. £322.00 was raised. All of this goes towards our running costs.

The winners were:

Large hamper – Richard, Whitehall Close – Green ticket 113

Small hamper – James, Goldsland Walk- Green 255

Red wine – Zena , Old Port Road -Green 163

White wine – Colin, Goldsland Walk – Blue 116

Chocolates – Jane, St Andrew’s Road – Blue 146

Smellies – Gillian, c/o Clare – Yellow 110

Table decoration – Erica, Goldsland Walk – Green 245

Table decoration – Laura, Burdons Close – Green 247

Table decoration – Kath, Orchard Close – Yellow 61

Table decoration – Gloria, Old Port Road – Green 158