June News Update

Vestry Roof Repair. At long last the contractor has been appointed to replace the lead stolen from the vestry roof, earlier in the year. The new roof covering will be of zinc metal and the work will also include the repairs to the vestry walls, ceiling and floor. It will be a relief to all to get the vestry back in working order. Watch this space.

The big event in May was the Christian Aid Week collection. Every house in the village has been visited with an envelope through each door. The flags and banner outside St. Mary’s were a reminder to all how important this fund raising is. The money is being used to provide safe care and clean clinics for pregnant mothers in parts of the world where these facilities are often very basic. Gwenfo Church in Wales School held a “Big Breckie” on May 17th with the proceeds given to Christian Aid. A non- uniform day was also arranged by the school to help the appeal. Well done!

The church clock is once again striking the hours, the repair being carried out by Smiths of Derby on May 14th. It is worth recording that the church clock was installed in the 1880’s as a public memorial to the late Capt. Robert Lascelles Jenner. The money was raised by public subscription and the clock is now a much-loved community asset.

Church Extension. The new plans have been seen by the Building Committee and we await the visit of the new chair of the Diocesan Advisory Committee to discuss the plans with our Architect. The entire scheme depends on whether we will get approval to breach the north wall of the nave to get access into the new extension which will include toilet facilities etc. Once again watch this space.

Some years ago, when we were given permission to remove a number of sycamore trees from the churchyard extension burial ground, we were required to plant replacement trees. The advice given was for four cherry trees to be planted along the boundary wall on Walston Road. These trees were duly planted, given in memory of loved ones who had died. The dedication ceremony is planned for June 2nd at 3.30pm and suitable plaques have been provided with the names of the persons commemorated. The trees have been in flower this year and provide an interesting contrast to the more sober yew trees, for which our churchyard is well known.

Food Bank. We continue to make regular contributions to the Barry Food Bank thanks to the many donations we received from members of the congregation, during the past 12 months. 3,833 three-day emergency food parcels have been given out and this is an increase of 11% over last year. This month’s requests for basic food items, include tinned meats, tinned vegetables, fruit juices, fruit or milk puddings. Toilet rolls, toothpaste and soaps etc. are also useful.

Messy Church. The next session will take place on

Saturday 15th June in the afternoon. This is going to be an outdoor messy event in the school field at Gwenfo Church in Wales School, with the theme of Father’s Day. Let us hope for good weather so no matter what the mess, it will all be outdoors. The afternoon event is open to all, young and old. They are great fun for the children and parents are also able to spend some valuable time with their children, helping with the craft work, the singing, the story telling and not forgetting the picnic afterwards. Help is always appreciated in setting up and clearing away and any contributions to the food are welcome.

The congregations in Jon’s three churches have been thinking about Jon as he joins the Llandaff Clergy School on their pilgrimage to Compostela in Spain during the week of 13th May. He has promised to get photographed with his hat, pilgrim staff, shorts and nobly knees, plus his certificate to show that he completed part of the walk. This is quite a venture for the diocese and ties in with Bishop June’s vision of the pilgrimage the diocese will have to make in the years ahead.



Discussions have been going on to have a number of gardens in the village, to be open for visiting on the afternoon of Saturday 20th July from 1.00pm-5.00 pm. There will be in excess of 8 gardens to visit and a map showing the locations will be provided. The entry will be £5.00 for adults with children FREE of charge. The entry and maps can be picked up in the churchyard, where refreshments will be available during the afternoon (donations will be welcomed). The church will also be open for visiting, together with the Church Hall for toilets etc. The money raised will be given to the Building Fund and especially to the Vestry roof repairs. Thanks to Brian, Sandra and Mike for all their help in planning this fund raising venture, so pray for a fine sunny day and for lots of people to see some interesting ideas in their gardens.

Thank you for reading and every blessing

Parry Edwards