The Valeothon Event

Following on from last month’s article, we thought a little bit more information about the Valeothon event on Sunday 30 June wouldn’t go amiss.
The event will bring up to 200 riders to the village which is where the start and finish is located. We have the use of the Community Centre for our registration area and the Village Hall for a short time for extra toilet facilities. After 9 am the Vale Village Church will be using the Village Hall as usual.
The event will start from Station Road West and the riders will turn right and head out of the village along Old Port Road and up the hill towards Dyffryn.
There is a choice of 2 routes, a 40 mile route which sticks to the Vale of Glamorgan and an 80 mile route which goes through the valleys and up over the Bwlch mountain. The 80 mile route has a refreshment stop just after the descent from the Bwlch and both routes meet in Cowbridge for more cake and sweets before heading home to Wenvoe.
The event is supported by a number of local sponsors and is a non-profit making event. However, we
think we will have some surplus money after totting up the overheads, so we have decided to make a do-nation to Wenvoe School who would like some sports kit and we intend to make further charitable donations too.
However, we are well aware that this event will bring a lot of people to the village early on Sunday morning and we want to ensure that no one is inconvenienced as a result. No roads will be closed. The start/finish area will be marshalled to ensure there are no problems with access to drives and houses. This will mostly affect Station Road West, as this is where the riders will line up before setting off. Riders will start to arrive from about 7.00am and all riders will have left by 9.00am.
We will do our best to keep any disruption to a mini-mum and we will be advising all the riders to be respectful of the residents. We will definitely be picking up any litter.
We hope you will support us and perhaps get involved and cheer our riders on at the start and finish. Of course, we will encourage anyone who fancies a pint afterwards to call in at the Wenvoe Arms.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at: