Some Simple Steps To Improving Your Mental Well Being

Psychotherapist Noel McDermott has said there are some simple steps to improving your mental well being. They include

Getting enough sleep


Doing housework


Ignoring your phone

Getting a pet


Getting more friends


Going outside

While it may not be possible to alter your body clock to get more sleep, the living with cancer strollers can help you smile more, get exercise outside and meet more friends!

February’s stroll around Cosmeston certainly made us smile as the sun shone, then showers nearly caught us and mud pools were avoided. We took a new route to take in the new bridge and couldn’t resist a photo. No troubled waters in Cosmeston!

If you prefer a leisurely walk in good company rather than improving your well being by hoovering, or tidying the garden…..then join us at Cosmeston on the first Thursday of every month at 10:30.