Do you speak some Welsh? Perhaps you learned years ago and need an update/refresher course?

We are a small friendly group just beginning the second year of our Foundation (Sylfaen) course in Welsh as a second language. Our course would suit anyone who has some of the basics, but is not too confident in using all of the tenses and sentence patterns. If you started to learn Welsh and completed Sylfaen 1, the classes would also be excellent for you.

The course is provided by the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Learn Welsh department, and topics covered will include:

Future Tense; discussing plans; Giving advice; should/would; distance, size and weight; comparisons; dates and periods of time.

For further details, or to arrange a free trial lesson, please contact:Barbara Harris, Welsh Tutor 07511 941454

For information on all Welsh courses available in the Vale, please visit: dysgucymraeg.cymru or learnwelsh.cymru