Cambrian Park Village


Cambrian Park retirement village is a novel and attractive housing development on the outskirts of Wenvoe just beyond Brooklands Terrace, near CulverHouse Cross. The retirement village was originally a green field site, which in 1952 became a caravan park. The site evolved and people started living there in static caravans but the infrastructure was of poor quality and site became run down.

Cambrian Park was purchased by the current owners Maguire Park Homes in 2007 and managed by Maguire Park Homes. It was then brought up to a high standard with mains water, gas and electricity.

Agnes, the Park Director, is currently project managing the development, which when complete will have 145 new owner-occupied detached homes.

The bungalow-style efficient double-glazing and energy-efficient homes range from £139,000-£175,000.The standard two-bedroom property comes with carpets, curtains, white goods…

Purchasers have a choice of fixtures and fittings or they can have their home built to their own specification.

All residents of Cambrian Park must be over the age of 50 and the estate aims to offer a safe and secure community, which is overseen by a site warden. Although many residents have second homes overseas, most have downsized and see this as their last house move.

The Park is enjoyed by mature people who want a safe home in their retirement, or singles and couples who want the security and peace of mind of belonging to a community of people of similar age, but who do not want to move to managed accommodation. As the Park is for the over 50s children are welcome but only to visit for holidays and weekends…

It is an exceptionally well kept Park and close to bus stops and convenient for shopping at the stores at CulverHouse Cross, with a bridge to Ely shops and services including a GP practice.

In addition to this residential Park, the Maguire family have several in Wales and England with plans for more. Each Park is initially project managed by the adult children of the Maguire family.

Maintenance agents and sole traders and other services providers, while not officially recommended, are nevertheless on an approved list.

It was pleasing that several residents of Cambrian Park attended the ‘Welcome to Wenvoe’ event at the Community Centre, towards the end of last year. A few residents have plots on the Wenvoe allotment site in Twyn-Yr-Odyn.

As mentioned above, further homes are being built, so happily those in Wenvoe will have more residents who may wish to enjoy the many meetings and activities published in Wenvoe What’s On. Residents receive copies of Wenvoe What’s on, with some taking full advantage of Wenvoe’s social associations.

This article was written with the kind assistance of Angus Maguire.