Dogs Trust


First of all I want to thank all those who continue to save used stamps and hand them to me to pass on to Dogs Trust in London to be sorted. You may be interested to hear that Jenny Thomas of north London, who I’ve mentioned before, has been awarded the Phyllis Mayer Argus Medal in recognition of her outstanding commitment to fundraising on behalf of stray and abandoned dogs. Jenny has been a volunteer fundraiser for Dogs Trust since 1978, during which time she has raised in excess of £ 133-00 and last year alone donated £ 24-00 through the sale of stamps, postcards and foreign currency. This year our only Dogs Trust re-homing centre at Bridgend has benefitted from Jenny’s efforts. Supporters of this charity will be delighted that this lady has been so honoured and it’s good to know that we, in a small way are contributing to the welfare of dogs here in the UK.

The Argus Medal was created in 1933 by the Canine Defence League, former name of Dogs Trust as an award in recognition of long and distinguished service by those who had devoted a great part of their lives to the cause of dogs.