February Planning Updates


February Planning Updates


The following planning applications have been approved.


 35, Burdons Close, The Grange. – Convert the rear half of the double garage to a habitable room.planningupdate


 Plot 84, The Grange, Port Road – Alteration of the approved dwelling including a rear conservatory extension.


 Wenvoe Community Centre. – To fell the tulip tree


The finance committee recommendations for the forthcoming year were accepted by the council. The present local level of precept payments will be retained at their present level. There will be a slight increase in a few of the council charges.

The application for a grant from the Rural Community Development Fund for the construction of a replacement building has been submitted. At this stage of the process we are required to demonstrate the need and its benefits to the community. If the application is approved we will then have to draw up design and costings before obtaining final confirmations of the grant. A successful grant would hopefully see construct of a new building next year.

There are cases of graffiti appearing around the village again. The Vale were requested for assistance to remove an offensive word on a section of fencing, telecoms will be approached about the spray on the windows.

The Brooklands Terrace intersection, with its new traffic light control and bus lanes, is planned to come into service by mid-February. The Council were informed that the work plan is running about two weeks behind schedule.

The Community centre floor has been sanded and varnished with a light coloured stain.