Village Hall


As there are no plans to hold a Jumble sale in the near future, please do not leave bags of jumble outside the doors of the village hall. The last two bags someone left in July had to be removed and put out for refuse collection as we are unable to store jumble at the hall indefinitely.

Our plans for the Skercrows have had to be abandoned due to unforeseen circumstances. We hope to hold an evening with the Skercrows at a later date and will up-date you in September’s What’s On.

If you wish to enquire about booking the hall please contact us via email on wenvoevillagehall

We would also like to say how disappointed we were in finding that someone had taken the plants from the outside planters. The Playgroup children had spent their time and money on making the entrance a more inviting place. To find that someone has destroyed their efforts is very heart wrenching.

If anyone notices anything suspicious or sees anyone causing damage to the Village Hall and its’ grounds, please contact Sandra 029 20594724. Thank you for your support.