Wenvoe Action Group


We are pleased to report that, following significant objections by local residents and other organizations, the proposal to delete a large section of public footpath 21, Wenvoe, has been withdrawn and an improved proposal put forward.

However, several residents have voiced concerns regarding the new proposals, and we have passed these on to the Vale Council:

1. The proposal would still require the deletion of some public footpath on land unaffected by the Redrow development. This is contrary to the criteria set out in section 257 of the Town and Country Planning Act.

2. The proposal would lead to the closure of the public walkway on the offshoot of Clos Llanfair, known by some residents as “the gully”. There are no details of what would become of this dead-end. It could become a haven for anti-social behaviour/drug use or be used for fly-tipping.

3. The proposal fails to include details of how bicycles, mopeds and motorbikes will be prevented from using the Clos Llanfair access, as the Redrow planning permission allows access for pedestrians only.

The temporary closure orders for both footpaths 21 and 22 leading from Clos Llanfair expire on July 26th. WRAG has campaigned alongside various other groups to have these footpaths re-opened to the public on their current alignments once the temporary orders expire. The Vale Council is currently taking advice regarding the legality of continuing to keep the footpaths closed via a succession of Temporary Closure Orders, and they will be making a decision shortly.

Full details of both the original proposal and the amended proposals, including maps and our comments to the Vale Council, can be found via the “links” section of our website at www.wenvoerag. co.uk.