“The Prosecutor”
by Nazir Afzal


Nazir Afzal knows a thing or two about justice. As a Chief Prosecutor, it was his job to make sure the most complex, violent, and harrowing crimes made it to court, and that their perpetrators were convicted. From the Rochdale sex ring to the earliest prosecutions for honour killing and modern slavery, Nazir was at the forefront of the British legal system for decades.

But his story begins in Birmingham, in the sixties, as a young boy facing racist violence and the tragic death of a young family member – and it’s this that sets him on the path to his ground-breaking career, and which enables him to help communities that the conventional justice system ignores, giving a voice to the voiceless.

A memoir of struggle and survival as well as crime and punishment, The Prosecutor is both a searing insight into the justice system and a powerful story of one man’s pursuit of the truth.

One of the book club members who recommended the book was fortunate to hear Nazir Afzal speak at a conference and was inspired by him and consequently recommended the book.

The book club members found this a refreshing read compared to some other books we have read. It was not always an easy read because of the content addressed, however the members appreciated that this needed to be discussed. We all thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and it was a great insight into the justice system and the author’s courage and conviction. It reminded us how important having the appropriate and correct evidence is vital in a trial. We overwhelmingly gave the book a score of 10/10 and would highly recommend it.

Chris Munroe