New Vegan Deli in Barry



Wales’ First Plant-Based and Vegan Deli Has Opened in Barry

A Vegan Deli which recently opened in Barry has already proven popular.

Karry’s Deli, on Park Crescent, is one of Wales’ first all-plant-based-products delicatessen; there is also a vegan deli in Aberystwyth as well as a few cafes in Rhondda, and Cardiff and the Vale.

The business was opened by Karry Meyrick, who is from Barry but has spent many years travelling the world, carrying out philanthropic work such as teaching children English.

The 41-year-old business owner said: “I really wanted to own something of my own. During lockdown I read lots of articles and saw lots on vegan and plant-based food, but there didn’t seem to be this in the area. People are becoming more conscious of the environment, their health and what they’re eating. In lockdown people have become more aware of their diet. When Rudy’s Vegan Butcher opened in London it did really well; I thought it would be amazing to have that in Barry.”

When Karry’s Deli officially opened its doors in August, some products sold out within just three days, including many of their cheeses made with cashews. The garlic and herb cheese is proving to be ‘an absolute winner’.

“It’s been lovely and it’s such a friendly street,” added Ms Meyrick. “So many people have come in and thanked me for opening or said they’ve been waiting for something like this; it’s a nice feeling to serve the community. The steaks sold out fast and our cheddar and black pudding did really well too.”

Ms Meyrick describes herself as an ‘accidental vegan’ due to cutting out most of her meat and milk consumption on her travels.

“You don’t have to be 100 percent vegan, or even classify yourself as “vegan”, to eat plant-based food,” said Ms Meyrick. “I think if everyone reduced their meat consumption the world would be a better place – just try one thing; you never know you might like it.”