Sow wallflower seeds in the next few weeks ready for a display next spring. Wallflowers germinate readily if sown thinly into shallow drills in a wellprepared seed bed. Make sure the soil is moist just below the surface. You can expect the seedlings to show in a few weeks. If necessary irrigate the ground afterwards, taking care not to disturb the seedlings which you want to grow into stocky, wellbranched plants.

In October the young wallflowers will be ready to plant out where they are to flower. The “Persian Carpet” variety which I’ve grown several times is a mixture of warm shades and has full perfume. Recently a stunning photo of Bodnant Garden’s enormous laburnum tunnel appeared in some newspapers. Years ago most gardens boasted a laburnum but they’re not so popular these days. It may well be that we have become more aware that laburnum seeds are poisonous, although the best variety – Laburnum x watereri Vossii is almost sterile, so seeds are not produced.

Tomato Care.

Greenhouse tomato plants should be growing fast by now. If raised as single-stem cordons they will need supporting canes or twine. Tie the delicate young plants to their supports using soft jute string. When you pinch out any side shoots, take care not to bruise the stems. Feed with a general fertiliser such as Miracle Gro All Purpose until the first trusses begin to flower, then switch to a high potash feed such as Tomorite. Bush varieties are better for growing outside but don’t put out protected plants unless the weather is warm. Tomatoes can be killed by the lightest frost.