March Planning Applications

The February Zoom Council meeting welcomed its new member Janet Williams

Planning applications

  • 77, Burdons Close. Convert existing garage into habitable living space. Existing doors on the front of garage to be replaced with window. No objections
  • The Gables, Station Road East. Change of hip roof to gable roof with new window to gable on front elevation. Re-use existing roof tiles on visible surfaces with window and finishes to match existing. No comment, the application was made under permitted development legislation.
  • Maytime, Port Road. Replace the hedge to front of property with a fence and gates. No objection
  • Whitehall Quarry, Old Port Road. Variation of Condition 1 (time limit for removal of road) of planning permission ref. 2014/00380/FUL (dated 21/05/2014): Proposed continued implementation of planning permission 04/00700/FUL. Supported. The application is to deal with the quarry restoration.

• Land West of St. Lythans. Two livestock buildings with access from highway. Supported