Vandalism and Crime in Wenvoe


Vandalism and Crime in Wenvoe

Since our last report in October we have been made aware of acts of vandalism and crime occurring recently in Wenvoe.

  • New park being misused by teenagers.
  • Fly tipping in various lanes throughout the area with one incident being a van dropping the rubbish out of the back door as it was driving along Walston Road.
  • St Lythans Park and The Grange have been victims to house burglary, cars broken into and theft of garden lights.
  • A car parked on Walston Road had its petrol tank drilled and drained of fuel.
  • Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). These silver canisters have been found in many areas around the village, Twyn yr Odyn and the golf course. This seems to be quite a problem all over Wales.


As a general point there seems to be more use of the footpaths around Wenvoe during the pandemic. Families with children are using the paths and dog walkers are reminded to ensure their dogs are kept under control on paths.

Call for Co-ordinators in St Lythans estate

The St Lythans estate is fully established and we urgently need more Co-ordinators for the estate. The role of a Co-ordinator is not onerous and would suit a person who is prepared to help their fellow residents. You are asked to keep an eye open in your local area or street in the estate, and in the event of any unusual or suspicious activity to inform the police or the Watch Secretary.

If you wish to help please contact Jackie Gauci, tel 07876 207843 or