Coronavirus – New Guidelines for Places of Worship

Coronavirus – New Guidelines for Places of Worship etc

Dear All,

I am writing this letter on Wednesday in Easter Week – the week that follows Easter Sunday and am acutely aware that anything that I write may well be out of date by the time “What’s On” goes to print. Before I say anything else can I just thank the editors for allowing me to make a very late change to my letter in last month’s magazine in order to incorporate the new guidelines that emerged when places of worship were closed by the government. Thank you also to our editors and all involved with “What’s On” and to all the contributors for keeping the magazine going which is such an important part of village life.

I think it is also important to thank the many other people who are keeping village life going. In particular I would like to thank Anwar and all involved at Premier Stores in Wenvoe for remaining open for us. There have also been many great random acts of goodness going on in our society both locally and nationally and thank you to all those who are doing so much for our neighbours and families and friends. As I stand on a Thursday evening and applaud the key workers I also hold in my prayers and my applause all those who are also contributing to help us all keep on keeping on. Thank you.

One thing this time has taught me is the importance of being with one another. As a church and as your parish priest I continue to be here for you. Even if I am unable to shake your hand or visit you in your home or meet up with you, I am still here for you. We have as a church tried to keep connected through our Facebook page or using the following QR Code

In order to remain worshipping and connected with one another there will be regular services live on our facebook page at the following days and times:

Wednesday 10.00am Daily Prayer

Sunday 10.30am Agape Service where we share bread and wine together

6.00pm Evening Prayer

However should you wish to contact me directly you can do so by email on or phone me on 02920595347.

Although the church is closed at the moment – as your Parish Priest I remain open to be here for you.

Take care, stay safe and let us all look forward to the end of this time of trial.


Jon Ormrod