Postponed Ve 75 Celebrations



As you will have realised by now the planned VE day celebrations have had to be postponed. As this was a government driven plan of celebrations we will have to wait and see if they suggest a date in the future when the plans that have been made can be put into place. Until then, we can all still celebrate in our own way. On Friday, May 8 we will be decorating our house and garden to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day and we think it would be a lovely idea if everyone else did the same. That would make the one daily walk allowed very interesting. There has been an online suggestion that people hold a ‘street party’ in their house and garden. Individuals simply have to decorate in any way they can and have a picnic in their garden. Take a walk past our house and we will wave to you and be really happy to see you.

Take care all.

Glenys and Mike Tucker