August Planning Updates

August Planning updates.

• Garn Farm, Port Road. Variation of Condition 2 of 1986/00754/FUL to replace with rural enterprise condition under TAN 6 has been approved

• Lingfield, 34, Old Port Road. Extension of existing detatched garage. Withdrawn.

• Development of 12 dwellings at the Rectory, Port Road. Non-Material Amendment – Proposed change to the wording of Condition 3 of Planning Permission 2017/00910/FUL. Refused

• Brooklands Retail Park, Culverhouse Cross. Proposed new Starbucks drive-through unit. Appeal against the refusal to grant planning permission. (The reasons for the refusal were that the proposed drive-thru A3 unit would result in a significant reduction in the level of parking available to serve the existing retail park which would result in traffic congestion for vehicles entering, manoeuvring and exiting the site, resulting in highway safety implications within the retail park and on the highway network in the vicinity of the site close to the strategic road junction Culverhouse Cross.)


The Council discussed the new proposed dog controls and reference to local areas. The aim is to deter anti-social behaviour by certain dog owners. Dogs will be banned from the children’s fenced play areas in the Grange Park and it will be an offence not to clear-up dog faeces in the rest of the area. At the Station Road Playing Fields dogs will be banned from the tennis courts and marked out football pitches. There is some confusion because the order appears to indicate that the playing field has an existing banning order, the council will seek to clarify the situation. See dog article on page 12 or additional details on the Vale web site.

A recent health and safety review of local Council areas of responsibility raised no major issues. Certain trees require crown lifting, the correct permission will be obtained where required. 

A review of the present cemetery rules will be undertaken shortly. It has been noted that several of the present rules are being ignored. There has been somebody depositing their household waste in the churchyard bins. These bins are emptied by a private contractor not the Vale. Village bins also have receive household waste on occasions. Information on perpetrators would be welcomed

At a recent liaison meeting between the Vale Community Councils, the police reported on a number of house burglaries and car thefts in the Vale. Arrests of a number of people in connection with both types of crime have taken place. The Vale is hoping to encourage local councils to take over some of the duties they do not have funds available to support in future.