Jobs Plannned for April


The snow and cold weather of early March brought Redwings and Fieldfares to the Grange Park and village gardens, we don't see them every year, only when conditions get too difficult further north. The Redwing is the UK's smallest true thrush ( I just read that ). The poor conditions held back Spring, but nature soon catches up. The snow brought out the best in people with neighbours helping the less able. Its rare to have had these condition in this area,but when we do a lot of people step up to the plate.

RHS Top Jobs for April

1. As ever keep weeds under control

2. Protect fruit blossom from frost

3. Tie in rambling and climbing roses

4. Sow hardy annual and wild flower seeds outside

5. Start to feed citrus plants

6. Increase water to house plants

7. Feed shrubs and roses.

8. Sow new lawns and repair bare patches

9. Prune fig trees

10. Divide bamboo and water lilies

Apple trees are so vulnerable at this time of year, frost can ruin the blossom. To prevent this, cover with fleece if any frost is forecast. It's the time of year to start feeding most plants. Please read instructions on packaging as over feeding can have adverse effects especially on roses and can make them leggy and with not enough strength in stems to hold up blooms. A general fertiliser on beds and borders will always make for a better show, just be careful not to get any on new growth as this can cause burning. Remove the fading flowers and seed pods of Daffodils and Tulips but don't remove leaves as they feed the bulb for next years blooms. Keep up with the dead heading of pansies and primulas. Self-seeded forget-me-nots while looking good can over power beds and stunt growth of less vigorous plants. Pull up the plants that are smothering the border. Once you have forget-me-nots in the garden they will be hard to get rid of so don't worry about pulling a few up. Plant supports where needed should be put up now before plants start to grow.Either a few sticks with string tied between them or those frames you can buy. These supports will be hidden as plants grow up amongst them. Don't delay on this as it's difficult to support the plants when in full bloom.

The 13th of April sees the start of the RHS Spring show in Cardiff. It's on from Friday to Sunday. I have usually gone on the Sunday myself as there are some good bargains to be had on the last day. It’s a good day out to see show gardens and get all the expert advice you may need.

Take care and happy gardening