Vale Wildflower project


We were delighted to be offered £356 by Waitrose in Cowbridge and this will be used to buy wildflower seed for planting on our existing sites. We also hope to give away small packs of seed at the Craft Fair and Open Farm Sunday. If you voted for us with your green tokens, many thanks. And if you missed out on that, don't worry as you will have another chance, this time at Waitrose Barry during March. Look out for the Vale Wildflower project. Not only do we plant our own seed but we distribute to many other groups including the Vale Council and those who look after Old Hall Gardens in Cowbridge. We continue to clear the undergrowth around the watercress beds at Goldsland Farm (see photo) and have started planting the new orchard. The pace hots up with Spring coming so there is always plenty do if you would like to come and join us.