Spring is Just Around the Corner


Daffodil bulbs are well on their way, pigeons are nesting, Easter eggs in shops, moles are looking for a mate and leaving small piles of earth in gardens where there not wanted, spring must be close.It is only February I know but loads to be getting on with. If you are ordering plants or seeds from catalogues you need to get in quickly as some favourites will soon be out of stock. Planning ahead, are you going to enter the village show later in the year, if so then some special seed will give an advantage. Seed from specialist growers does cost more but we're not entering to come last are we?

Winter flowering shrubs that have that have stopped producing flowers should be cut back now as the more new growth they put on throughout the coming year the better the display.Winter flowering Jasmine is one that benefits from early pruning.

Lily bulbs can be potted up now and place Dahlia tubers in a light warm place to encourage them to sprout before planting out, be careful not to let them dry out. Root cuttings of perennial Poppies can be taken. At the end of the month cut back the stems of potted fuchsias that are under cover and put in a warm place to promote new growth. Keep dead heading winter pansies, they will go on for a long while yet.

Hardy annuals can be sown in pots and will be good for filling in gaps throughout the year if you stagger the sowing, also wildlife love them. A tip from the RHS, when weeds start to grow then its time to sow hardy annuals. Sweet peas sown now and put in a cold frame will prolong the season along with the autumn sown ones that can now be potted up.

The lawn may not be looking at its best this time of year but edging will need to be done and grass cut if you can possibly get on to it. If you delay the first cut to long it will become difficult to manage. Keep sweeping those worm casts away. Turf can be laid now if ground conditions allow.

We are fortunate to live in what the Police say is a low crime area but we must not become complacent. Don't leave machinery and tools on view, put a good lock on garden buildings. It only takes a minute for a thief to relieve you of anything not locked up. Shed alarms are a good cheap deterrent.

This is the time of year when we might be thinking of some major changes to the outside area. If your going to need contractors to help with the work now is the time as their books are not as full this time of year. Get at the very least two quotes and do not be pressured into any contract. To find good people can be challenging, the best way is to speak to people who have had work done. Please do not accept offers from people who come knocking at your door, you may get lucky but newspapers are full of stories about work not completed and over charging.

Need to know more about gardening? then the environment team is for you. They meet on Mondays usually twice a month and help keep Wenvoe looking good. The team includes amongst others Trevor Ieuin and Brian, these gardeners have loads of knowledge and its free. Take care and happy gardening