June Letters to the Editor


As regular dancers at Wenvoe Village Hall we (and the other dancers) were delighted to see how great the new floor is. Congratulations to the Village Hall Committee for doing such a good job. It looks fabulous and is a pleasure to dance on – well done!

Judy and Bruce McDonald


I must extend my grateful thanks to the ladies of Wenvoe WI. You came together to give our guests a most enjoyable afternoon on June 16. Due to ill health, I was sorry I was unable to join you. The wonderful “ Wenvoe willingness” that I spoke about at our recent annual meeting was certainly put into practice by you all and I am very proud of the members of my Institute. As always, thanks to everyone.

Madeleine Rees, President Wenvoe WI

As I write, I am just about to post 3 boxes of donated pre-loved childrens shoes to the charity Sal's Shoes. Sal's is based in England and collects shoes to distribute to children around the world who have none. The statistics on their website indicates that there are 300 million barefoot children worldwide. 58 million children worldwide are not in school and 29 million of these are because they do not have the means. In many countries you cannot go to school without a pair of shoes. Following the recent collection among the community in Wenvoe, parents from Gwenfo school and friends in the area, I am delighted to say I have collected 135 pairs of suitable pre-loved, kids shoes, boots and slippers for Sal's Shoes. Thank you so much to all who donated. Since I started the collection, I am delighted to add that there is a new Cardiff collection point for any shoes in the future: Get Roller Skating, has nominated Sal's as its Charity of the Year. If you would like to donate shoes in future, visit the Sal's Shoes website on www.salsshoes.com or contact Get Roller Skating on 07391 703435, e-mail hello@ getrollerskating.co.uk or visit www.getrollerskating. co.uk who can receive your donation locally. Thanks again for an amazing community response to the collection.

Rachel Marshall, St Andrews Road