November Letters to the Editor


Re. Twyn yr Odyn 'playing field'

pen-bluexmas2I have read with interest the recent letters from Mrs Stokes and Mrs Miller. The 'St Lythans Down Inclosure Award', 1861 reads in part as follows,

'And I declare that I have set out and do herby set out, allot and award unto the Churchwardens and Overseers of the poor in the said Parish of Wenvoe all that piece and parcel of land numbered 1 on the Map annexed containing One Acre and two roods to be held by them and their successors in trust as a place for Exercise and Recreation for the Inhabitants of the said Parish and Neighbourhood and I direct that the Fences on the Southwest and Northeast sides of such allotment shall from time to time be repaired and maintained by and at the expense of the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish for the time being-' (sic). This land is now known as the 'playing field'.


Can the use of the 'playing field' as a car park by the BBC, which prevented villagers using the 'playing field', be considered 'exercise and recreation'? I suggest not, although I hope that the villagers will benefit from the payment made by the BBC.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the wedding of Mr and Mrs Stokes. However, I understand that, although relatively new to the village, they generously invited every family in Twyn yr Odyn to join their celebrations and that in true community spirit, villagers helped with the preparations. I suggest that it is strongly arguable that the erection of a marquee on the 'playing field' for a celebration to which all the villagers of Twyn yr odyn were invited, would have been for the 'recreation' of the villagers of Twyn yr odyn and indeed that this is just the sort of precedent that should be set.

In any event, this discussion has highlighted other issues relating to the 'playing field'. Given that the land is for 'exercise and recreation' would it be possible for monies to be allocated for the purchase of playground equipment, goalposts, tables and benches or a wildflower area?

Does anyone have or have access to a legible copy of the 'Tithe Plan of the Parish of Wenvoe'?

Karen Lane-Angell






The Macmillan Coffee Morning, held in The Wenvoe Community Centre raised £335. We would like to thank everyone, all the bakers, tea/coffee makers, book stall, the Community Centre for giving us the hall and to everyone who supported us by coming and giving so generously to this worthy charity

Hazel Crockford